Lets Go To Osaka – 1

January 25th, 2016

If there is one place that my family will want to go to over and over again, that would be Japan.  Whats not to like?  The food, the people, the stunning scenery, the culture….everything!

But before even planning….lets start with your travel requirements.  Filipino passport holders need a visa.  It is relatively easy to get a visa for Japan. Applying for that visa must be done through an authorized travel agent.  You can visit here for info. We’ve never encountered any problem when applying.  The first 2 times we applied, we were given single entry visas.  On our 3rd time, we were given 3 year visas!  3rd times a charm!

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No Road Trips For Now

October 13th, 2011

I’m really hating the weather lately. It has been raining…and raining….and raining. And guess what…it’ll rain some more according to the weather bureau.

Because of this, its been a pretty lean year with regards to road trips for us. Other than my quick day trips, we haven’t been out of town this year. Too risky.

Much as I would like to plan something for the coming semestral break, I’m wary of the many road hazards that come as a result of this bad weather. A friend of the husband figured in a landslide on their way up north during a particularly rainy trip. They’re ok. Shaken but ok.

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So What Are You Doing For Summer?

March 31st, 2011

Since the kids are on vacation already, I have enrolled them in several activities to keep them busy. We, in accordance with the kids’ wishes, have signed them up in activities that will work their mind and their talents. Much as I would like to have them take more physical activities, they prefer otherwise. I’ll leave those best fat burner classes for myself.

So this is what I overheard this morning..convo between the Hezzies and their playmates…with some epal from yours truly..

Bea : “KEWL!! You got a new guitar, Gaby!! Are you taking guitar lessons?”

Me : “No, she’s taking piano. Bea naman, why do you think we got her a guitar.”

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