Panciteria Lido

January 28th, 2012

Ever since my youngest sister had her pseudo-wedding-reception at Panciteria Lido late last year, Adi has been bugging us to take her there because it was her new-favorite-restaurant. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the time (or the effort) to make the date…even if the resto is a scant 3 minutes away from the house.

But after Adi made the honor roll, she had every reason to demand that we eat there. We were actually surprised that she didn’t ask for a prize. We have a standing offer to the kids that if they make it to the Outstanding Student’s list, they can ask for anything…ANYTHING…they want. Be it a toy, book, stainless steel earrings, shoes, whatever…they […]  Continue Reading

And the Honor goes to…Adi!

January 28th, 2012

Tiger Mommy-ing isn’t new to me. I even remember one occasion when I was tutoring one of my kids while my niece, Vicky, was watching and when I went into full tiger mode, I scared the crap out of my niece. When my sister suggested that I be my niece’s tutor, she almost cried.

But my kids are so used to it. Fact of the matter is, my kids are little tigers as well which is why we get along just fine. And they know that I expect nothing less than the best from them. Sure they sometimes fall of the wagon but I don’t punish them for it. I used to be that way too…still am, actually. Still, I want my kids to do their best. And if it means switching to tiger mode just to get them be it. […]  Continue Reading

Air Mail

October 13th, 2011

Once upon a time, there was an art called letter writing and sending mail via the mail man or air mail. This involved a sheet of paper, a pen, an envelope and some stamps.  Gone are those days. Today, mail is sent via email and messages are sent via text messaging. And Facebook makes connecting with friends even easier.

But if you ask me, there’s still nothing like a well written note and letter. Reading a personally handwritten message really has a different feel.

Such is the case of the message I got via air mail a few days ago. I mean this in the literal sense.

look at what flew in […]  Continue Reading