My Kid Was Manhandled By A Bouncer From MCA Music Philippines at The Vamps Concert

November 15th, 2016

Last weekend I accompanied my daughters to watch the concert of their favorite British Pop Band, The Vamps, at the Kia Theater in  Quezon City.  For Gaby, this is her second time and a first for Adi.   Gaby, lucky girl that she is, managed to snag a Meet & Greet pass from her Ninong.  So while Adi and I stayed in line, she was fortunate to be able to enter the venue way ahead of us….alone.  Let me make this very clear, this was Gaby’s 2nd time to watch them and also her 2nd Meet and Greet.  Since her 1st Meet and Greet went without hitches, I was confident that the same would happen.  Before I allowed her to go on this Meet and Greet, I asked her if she was confident enough to take  […]  Continue Reading

Bullies Not Welcome

February 22nd, 2012

Growing up, I had my fair share of dealing with bullies. It is a well known fact that any school yard is home to a posse of bullies. And with the school bully comes the school bullied. To be honest, I was both. I used to be bullied. Unfortunately, when I learned to stand up for myself, I also did some bullying…just a little.

Bullying need not be confined to physical acts of aggression. Emotional and mental torment also fall into the category.

Fast forward…..I have new bullies to deal with. It started with Gaby when she was in prep. Sometime around the middle of the schoolyear, I would catch this worried look on her face whenever I would drive her to school. It took a while before she finally […]  Continue Reading