Little Ms. 4-Eyes

May 3rd, 2012

Around 2 weeks ago, Adi complained that her vision was a bit blurred. Honestly, I didn’t give it much thought. I thought it was just another of Adi’s spur of the moment complaints. She’s like our very own “the boy who cried wolf” because she complains a lot. She complains about the tinik on a boneless piece of fish. She complains that her fingernails are ouchy. And she complains that everything is spicy…including ice cream. So you can’t really blame me when I shrugged off her blurry eyes complaint.

However, she repeated her complaint last week and added that sometimes she saw things in double. I stood up and took notice. And I did what any mother  […]  Continue Reading

Why I Don’t Plan Parties Anymore

February 8th, 2012

Next week, my Adi will be turning 7. This goes without saying that we will be celebrating. But unlike when both my kids celebrated their 1st birthdays, I won’t do any party planning anymore. I won’t stress over a venue, a caterer, and a party host. I won’t hire a balloon decorator or a magician. And I won’t be making the arduous trip to Divisoria to buy toys and giveaways for the loot bag…not to mention the prizes for the games. So why don’t I plan parties anymore?

Well, when Gaby turned 7 she decided that she wanted to have her party at this newly opened branch of Shakey’s. I had my reservations, to be completely honest. I used to love planning parties. […]  Continue Reading

Panciteria Lido

January 28th, 2012

Ever since my youngest sister had her pseudo-wedding-reception at Panciteria Lido late last year, Adi has been bugging us to take her there because it was her new-favorite-restaurant. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the time (or the effort) to make the date…even if the resto is a scant 3 minutes away from the house.

But after Adi made the honor roll, she had every reason to demand that we eat there. We were actually surprised that she didn’t ask for a prize. We have a standing offer to the kids that if they make it to the Outstanding Student’s list, they can ask for anything…ANYTHING…they want. Be it a toy, book, stainless steel earrings, shoes, whatever…they […]  Continue Reading