Summer Lessons

April 20th, 2010

One of the problems with summer is that it can get pretty boring for my kids. Yeah sure they have all day to play with their playgroup but they also get tired of doing that too.

So ever since they started preschool, we made it a point to enroll them in summer courses to keep boredom at bay. First it was swimming, which they didn’t take to. They loved the water but the whole swimming bit just wasn’t for them. Just like their parents who are sand and sun lovers, they don’t like the water too much. Just a quick dip and thats it.

Anyway, we were conscientious enough to ask them what they wanted to do, just like we always have for the past few summers. I don’t want them growing up with  […]  Continue Reading

Smarty Pants

January 16th, 2010

If there is one thing that is both a blessing and a boon, its having kids who are such smart pants. Smart alecks if you must. Sometimes they can even be such pains in the ass but, heck, they’re still my kids. And everyone says that having such quick witted children is a sign of intelligence so thats one saving grace.

Anyway, my eldest has always been the leader in quick punches in the last few years. It is only in these last few months that my youngest has found her voice and has started pulling her own punches…some of which can really knock us out. Here are some of them…

(after picking up the eldest at school)
Me : So what did you learn today?
Gaby : We studied about the Holy Spirit. Did […]  Continue Reading

When They Say They Can, They Can

November 14th, 2009

Around the same time last year we were all so deeply immersed in preparing my eldest daughter for her entrance exams to the Big School. Being a first time future Big School parent, I was almost always in a panic during those times that I would help my daughter review her reading, spelling, and math skills. Knowing that these were the skills needed to get her into our choice school, I tried to find ways improve my kid’s skills in time for her tests. Despite her reassurance (as well as her preschool’s directress’) that she could do it, I still wanted to make sure. As fate would have it, we passed the tests and my daughter is now a proud Preparatory school student who happens to be doing […]  Continue Reading