Getting Back The Blogging Mojo

July 13th, 2015

Well what do you know…I think I’m back…for the Nth Nth Nth time.

All the signs are there.  I’ve been getting subtle and not so subtle suggestions from old (meaning..I’ve known them for quite a while) blogging friends that I “should” go back to blogging.  Even my kids are encouraging me to start writing again since they’ve been reading some of my old posts from my old blog.  They even have favorite posts.

So, for the Nth Nth Nth time.  Hello blogging world!  I’m back! […]  Continue Reading

One Less Body Part

March 17th, 2015

Its been a week since my gallbladder surgery and I’m feeling so much better.  Did I mention that I had my gallbladder taken out?  Apparently not.

Well, it all started last year when I felt a stabbing pain beneath my right rib cage.  I dismissed it as another bout of indigestion which I had been having quite frequently.  Several rounds of stabbing pain later, I decided to have it checked.  This was after reading all sorts of “medical forums” that said stabbing pain could be a sign of cancer.  Thats what I feared.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), my doctors found my poor gallbladder riddled with stones and was advised to have it removed lest those stones make their  […]  Continue Reading

I Have Tweens!!

November 27th, 2014

First off….I’m back….for the Nth time!  Its been a while but I honestly feel that my writing/blogging mojo is slowly creeping back.  So….

For those who are my Facebook and Instagram friends you know that my Hezzies are now tweens.  Yes, they’re not babies anymore.

In just a few years they have turned from this…

to this……. […]  Continue Reading