The Summer That Was

June 21st, 2011

We are officially on school mode already. And the kids are ecstatic. It means they get to see their friends again and it means they get to enjoy an allowance. Especially Gaby who still has to learn the meaning of budgeting. Upon being given her weekly allowance she immediately treated a couple of friends to some candy after dismissal. She’s being nice but a budget is a budget.

But this last summer was eventful to say the least. The kids did all sorts of things that fed both their mind and body. Plus they had fun. Never mind that driving to and from their lessons was a task in itself. I’m just happy that they had a productive summer.

Kumon was the first thing that they asked to be signed up  […]  Continue Reading

President Tutor

December 9th, 2010

It is now safe to say that the torture is over. The second trimester exam period is FINITO!!

To say that it was a grueling week is way understated. It was tough both for me and my daughter, Gaby. I haven’t seen her cry this much during reviews. Sure she has had the occasional bouts of katamaran during study time and sure she has succumbed to my volcanic temper whenever those attacks happen. But this time it was just tears flowing while doing her addition and subtraction with regrouping. And talk about the gasps of disbelief when she saw the worksheets for verbs. Heartbreaking, I tell you.

But what choice does this Mom slash Tutor have? Nada. Even I am amazed at the pace of the grade school curriculum […]  Continue Reading