The President’s Roasted Jumbo Chicken

January 26th, 2011

On a recent trip to S&R, I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the local poultry companies had once again come out with their jumbo chickens. These chickens are at least 3 kilos or roughly 7 pounds in weight. They’re huge….somewhat like little turkeys.

So excited was I that I quickly picked up a 3.5 kilo bird with every intention of roasting it the next day.

The difference with this bird and the brand of turkey that I favor is that it comes unflavored…or not brined. So to remedy this, I planned to brine my chicken also to give it extra moistness and flavor once I roasted it.

Second problem. The bird was way to big to fit in the fridge. And brining is usually done in the  […]  Continue Reading

Eat Your Veggies

January 25th, 2011

Much as I would like my kids to eat veggies, its so difficult. The mere sight of anything that resembles a veggie in their food gets them all “ewwwwwy”. My solution….hide the veggies. Instead of whole veggies, I make soup and blend in the veggies so they don’t see it. I also like mixing it in my ground meat for meatballs or burgers. I’m still thinking of creative ways to “hide” my veggies so if you have any suggestions…please please give them to me.

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Lemon Poundcake Cupcakes

January 11th, 2011

Every Christmas I make it a point to prepare something new for the Noche Buena table. Last year it was a Frozen Brazo de Mercedes cake that was not only delicious, it was downright sinful. This year I was planning to make Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes so I could use up some of the peanut butter which I hoarded at the last SnR sale.

Sadly, I found out that my half-Polish nephew had a peanut allergy so my cupcakes were a big no-no. But I needed to make cupcakes because I already bought these cute Santa cupcake toppers. So on Christmas Eve I checked my pantry and ref to see what I could use. Lo and behold I found several lemons which I had been meaning to use for Lemon Squares. A quick look at my aging cook-notebook […]  Continue Reading