Panciteria Lido

January 28th, 2012

Ever since my youngest sister had her pseudo-wedding-reception at Panciteria Lido late last year, Adi has been bugging us to take her there because it was her new-favorite-restaurant. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the time (or the effort) to make the date…even if the resto is a scant 3 minutes away from the house.

But after Adi made the honor roll, she had every reason to demand that we eat there. We were actually surprised that she didn’t ask for a prize. We have a standing offer to the kids that if they make it to the Outstanding Student’s list, they can ask for anything…ANYTHING…they want. Be it a toy, book, stainless steel earrings, shoes, whatever…they […]  Continue Reading

Queso de Bola Spread

January 9th, 2012

The holidays are over and other than the added poundage, most of us have an excess of, what else….food. Leftovers aside, our refs and pantries are a little tighter because of the holidays. Ham, pasta, fruits, sweets, and the Pinoy Christmas staple…Queso de Bola. You can only have too many ham sandwiches and fruit salads. At one point you will feel a bit queasy just staring at that unopened box of pastries.

However, Queso de Bola is something that we don’t take lightly. Because it is so expensive and because you can only eat it in small amounts, we usually have it in our fridges for a while…more than what we are happy with. So to make our Queso de Bola experience a little  […]  Continue Reading

Yoshinoya’s Lenten Offerings and the Century Bangus Line

March 20th, 2011

Japanese cuisine, for me, is by far one of the best in the world. This is coming from someone who abhorred using chopsticks for the longest time due to an unfortunate incident involving a chopstick, a sliver of wood, and a bleeding lip. But that’s another story. Back to Japanese food.

As I was saying, Japanese food ranks among my favorite types of cuisine. And of the numerous Japanese restaurants in the metro, Yoshinoya is one of those that I frequent. I’m a certified fan of their Beef Gyudon bowl especially especially when eaten with lots of their red ginger condiment. My tummy is growling just thinking about it.

This being the Lenten season, the folks over at Yoshinoya have concocted […]  Continue Reading