I Have Tweens!!

November 27th, 2014

First off….I’m back….for the Nth time!  Its been a while but I honestly feel that my writing/blogging mojo is slowly creeping back.  So….

For those who are my Facebook and Instagram friends you know that my Hezzies are now tweens.  Yes, they’re not babies anymore.

In just a few years they have turned from this…

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How the Kids helped in Family Planning

July 2nd, 2012

One afternoon after picking the kids up from school, Gaby happily announced that the Mom of her supposed BFF (she has several BFF’s) was going to have a baby. Her BFF is an only child and is, according to Gaby, “super excited” to have a sibling.

On this note, Gaby announced that she too wanted a sibling. This was seconded by Adi who is this close to being sick and tired of being the youngest in the family.

Both agreed that a baby brother was in order.

This is what happened next….

Gaby : “Talk to Papa, we want a brother!”
Me : “You sure you want Mama to get pregnant again? I won’t be able to go around with you na.”
Adi : “It’s ok. We  […]  Continue Reading

Gaby’s Summer Assessment

June 13th, 2012

Just before summer ended, Gaby had her Music Assessment slash mini-recital. In keeping with tradition, this stage mommah took videos and assigned my sidekick, Adi, to take the photos.

Each student was given 2 numbers per course. Since Gaby is taking Voice and guitar, she had a total of 4 numbers.

She did very well in her numbers except for this one little “croak” during her first song number. She also did extremely well in her technical test. In my opinion, she did the best in that aspect. And I’m not speaking as a Mom but as an observer..so there.

Many have asked me as to where she inherited her talents. I unabashedly declare that she got her voice from me. Hey, I used to be a member […]  Continue Reading