Labadabadoo Chronicles : Electrolux Time Manager Washing Machine and Giveaway Extravaganza

July 31st, 2013

I have a confession to make…of all the household chores, doing the laundry is my least favorite. Let me cook, clean the banyo, wash the car, fix the plumbing…heck, you can even ask me to tweak the idling of your car…just don’t let me make laba. I do not like making laba. And I believe, the laundry doesn’t like me either. Truth be told, I have ruined clothes in my vain attempt at labada.

I remember one time when I volunteered to wash my daughters’ clothes (they were babies then). When I took the clothes out of the rinse, everything was purple!! Cause…I mixed a pair of denims and a pink blouse with all the whites of my kids. That day our sampayan looked like […]  Continue Reading

A Busy Summer

April 21st, 2012

And just when I thought we were on vacation…boy was I wrong. Officially, it’s summer vacation time. However, my kids decided on all these activities that it doesn’t seem like I’ll be getting a respite from my school bus driver duties.

In fact, it seems more hectic now. What with 2 or 3 lessons in one day in different location and in 1 hour increments. That doesn’t leave me too much time for myself. What it does leave me with is a very tired body. I haven’t even considered any exercise routine for this summer because this is exercise. Well, that’s just me making excuses..harhar.

But really, this is tiring. I sometimes think I need a testosterone booster […]  Continue Reading

Summer Checklist

March 22nd, 2012

Despite the current rainy weather, it is officially summer in our parts. And just like all the other summers past, I have a checklist for keeping cool when the weather gets scorching hot.

True, we have our A/C on standby which means its on most of the day, we still have some other gewgaws on hand for those days that we aren’t stuck in the cool confines of our airconditioned rooms.

Number one…paypay. Yes, the good ole’ abaniko is a life saver. I still prefer it over those fancy handpainted Spanish fans, honestly.

#2 Water…this is a no-brainer. When the weather gets hot, you sweat more. Therefore, you need rehydrating and nothing is better for rehydrating than H20. Although, […]  Continue Reading