The Worm Bin Project – Part 1 (Building the bin)

February 7th, 2012

It was around 2 years ago when I was formally introduced to vermicomposting. For those who don’t know what this is, it is the process of creating organic fertilizer using earthworms.

As I was saying, I was formally introduced to vermicomposting while on a visit to a plant show at the Manila Seedling Bank. A vermicomposter had a booth and I took a look. I’ve always been interested in vermicompost but I never had the desire to make it myself. Until I saw that booth. Upon seeing the wrigglers, I was hooked.

I bought myself a kilo of worms and attempted to create my own vermicompost bin using an old plastic trash can.

It was rather easy. My bin thrived for a good 4 months starting around February […]  Continue Reading

Rainy Days Are here Again

July 1st, 2011

The last couple of weeks brought rains…rains…and more rains. As a matter of fact, the 2nd day of school was suspended due to floods brought about by rains.

I really can’t complain. We live in a tropical country and this time of the year is rainy season. And with kids who are sometimes caught unaware when a sudden downpour engulfs the city, I have to prepare them and myself. There have been times in the last school year that my kids were stuck in school because of flood waters and I couldn’t get to them…

So how did I arm the kids for the rainy season?

Number 1….rain gear. I got them rain ponchos which are relatively easy to slip on in the event of a downpour. I also […]  Continue Reading

Pamper Me

May 19th, 2011

Thanks to those groupon sites, I have amassed a good number of pampering coupons. Those sites are a godsend for Moms like me who need to have “pamper me” sessions every so often to get those frazzled nerves a little straightened out.

Other than massages, footspas, and pedicures I also got myself several “beauty” treatments. In fact, I’m due for some zapping-away-those-warts treatments which I got for almost 70% off the original price. For someone like me who comes from a “warty” family, this is one of the best deals yet.

I also have several facial treatments in the bag. Good especially now that I’ve been having some hormonal imbalances […]  Continue Reading