How to Throw the Best Party For Your Kid

September 28th, 2012

Moms are always looking for ideas to plan the best birthday party for their kids and having a fun birthday party is totally possible even if budget is a concern. With some creativity and the help of shopping at a discount retailer like, moms everywhere can make their kids’ birthday parties affairs to remember.

adi's cake

One way to save money while planning a great birthday party is to choose a theme. The theme can give the party coherence and can make it easier to buy sets of utensils and other decorations at discount prices. The choices for birthday party themes are practically limitless. Choosing a theme outside the traditional, more popular cartoon and movie themes allows […]  Continue Reading

The Shell Fuel Save Mommy Bloggers Challenge

August 13th, 2012

I’ve been driving for close to 30 years. Yes, that long. I learned to drive at 12 years old. Thanks to our family driver who I used to terrorize into being fired if he didn’t allow me to drive. I took to the wheel with much ease. In fact, I remember giving my Mom a near-heart-attack when I decided to show-off my new driving skills and nearly ramming the car into the perimeter wall of our village!

I pretty much cleaned up my driving skills after that. And I perfected my skills thanks to regular drag racing bouts on University Ave. in UP with a college suitor who had no choice but to race with me to gain my affection. Btw, he never did. Hahahaha!!

Fast forward to 30 years of driving later. I must […]  Continue Reading

Birth al..Made Easy

June 18th, 2012

The first time I ever tried to secure my birth certificate, in recent memory, was when I was to get married. At that time, my father told me of this service that allowed you to secure a birth certificate via a phone call. He had availed of the said service for his birth certificate and for his passport. I was fully prepared to make the trek to the nearest NSO office and line up. But he told me to just call.

Thus was the first time that I used Pilipinas Teleserv and their services. This was not going to be the last. I have secured birth certificates for my husband, my kids, even for 2 of my BIL’s. And it never fails.

Truth be told, I secure birth certificates for myself, hubs, and kids every year since  […]  Continue Reading