Trip Planning Made Easy

January 21st, 2016

Itchy feet. I have those…in a big way. My whole family shares the same affliction, actually. As early as last summer, I was already making plans (in my head) for this year’s summer getaway.

I plan our family trips way ahead of time.  Our destination is usually based on what kind of promo is out there.  Needless to say, its more like, “Kids, guess what….were going to this-and-that-place!”

Finding airline deals is really easy nowadays.  I have subscribed to numerous airline newsletters just to get their updates on promos.  And when I do get an update on a good deal, my husband and I decide on whether its something we should consider.


Credit card companies also come out with good deals every so often.  So good that we’ve gone on “instant” trips just because.

It also helps to sign up for “airline clubs” to get first dibs on their online promos.  They give you something like 2 hours lead time for booking before they put their promo out.  But honestly, I haven’t had any luck with that method.  I always end up booking a destination that nobody seems to want to go to..hehehehe!!  Still, having that option  there is not a bad idea.

As for accommodations…well there are loads of hotel booking sites that can make it really easy.  Personally, I check with TripAdvisor first to see reviews for hotels.  The site also gives you links to other hotel booking sites and automatically tells you which of them is offering the lowest price on your choice of accommodation.

I’ve also tried AirBnB once and I’m quite happy with how that turned out.

It goes without saying, though, that trip planning is a carefully studied effort.  More so in my case because I have 2 kids in tow.  But, its fun…needless to say.  Both the planning and the trip itself are things I look forward to and will always enjoy doing.


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