One Less Body Part

March 17th, 2015

Its been a week since my gallbladder surgery and I’m feeling so much better.  Did I mention that I had my gallbladder taken out?  Apparently not.

Well, it all started last year when I felt a stabbing pain beneath my right rib cage.  I dismissed it as another bout of indigestion which I had been having quite frequently.  Several rounds of stabbing pain later, I decided to have it checked.  This was after reading all sorts of “medical forums” that said stabbing pain could be a sign of cancer.  Thats what I feared.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), my doctors found my poor gallbladder riddled with stones and was advised to have it removed lest those stones make their way out and get stuck in my intestines.  Like any disobedient patient, I let it slide simply because I was feeling better.

Fast forward to January.  It must have been all that holiday eating.  Gallstones are, after all, made of cholesterol. The stabbing pain came back.  I waited until February to have it checked.  As expected, the stones were still there and had some new friends with them.  So, I decided that it was time to get the surgery done.

So, last week I said goodbye to my gallbladder and my gallstones.  The first few days were difficult.  Aside from feeling sore…my surgery required 4 incisions in my belly….I had to go on a low fat diet.  But I am determined to get better….and thinner.  A week of no meat and no fat….I honestly feel lighter and better.  Tomorrow my stitches come off.  Hopefully, my doctor will tell me that I can still have my lechon kawali once in a while.

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