July 4th, 2012

Yesterday, we woke up to dark skies and torrential rains. Apparently, it was raining the entire night and I slept through it. To be honest, I even forgot to set my phone’s alarm and if it wasn’t for my kid’s frantic nudging, I would’ve slept even more.

But when I opened my eyes I was surprised to see complete darkness outside my window. As is the usual practice on similar days, I quickly opened the TV to check if classes were suspended.

What I saw was panic. The news was all about flooded streets, stranded vehicles, and heavy downpour. And as is the usual practice of our stupid local officials…no suspensions. I knew that it was up to the mayors (or the school officials) to make the announcements because of this new executive order from their boss which states that if there is no typhoon signal, the DepEd relinquishes its authority to suspend classes. The authority is transferred to the LGUs and or the school officials. Of course, the parents have the sole discretion of cancelling school altogether if they feel that it isn’t safe to go out.

Seeing that the rain in our parts wasn’t so bad, I felt it was safe for the kids to go to school.

I dilly dallied for a bit just to see if our mayors would wake up from their deep slumber (probably due to a night of hard partying and other activities that are just to “eewweee”) but NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! They slept right through our ordeal.

Luckily, the rains eased up in our side of the planet and we quickly got ready to go to school. I even suggested that Gaby wear her white canvas sneakers in the car because I was sure they would get muddy getting into the car. And off we went together with the millions of other students who, most likely, watched or listened to the news waiting for an announcement.

At a little past 8am those goddamn mayors started getting up from bed to see dark clouds outside their windows and realized, “It’s raining! Bed weather!”

Yup, except for the mayor of Paranaque, those idiots that are supposed to look after our cities all went back to sleep.

Finally at a little before 11am the mayors started waking up and started declaring suspensions. But this wans’t after the streets started flooding. And lo and behold, our very own mayor of QC was the last to declare. Oh, excuse me, it wasn’t the mayor who showed up, it was the Vice Mayor. The mayor was AWOL. Damn!!!!

When I got to school, many of my co-parents were cursing like there was no tomorrow. I don’t need to say who their curses were aimed at. And this goes for all the parents in the entire city who were waiting in anticipation for an announcement.

I’m pretty sure they got a mouthful from the boss. According to this article, they did.

So now the question remains, who should be on top of the situation should something like this happen again. Correct me if my memory is wrong, but a few years ago, there were several suspensions declared by the NRDMMC then famously headed by a former Presidential candidate. I don’t know if this will still work now. IMHO, they should authorize the barangay captains to make suspensions as well. This is if they know what is happening in their respective barangays..if they happen to be around, which is hardly the case.

Oh well, at the end of the day, the kids suffer the most. As one parent said on the radio, “Di po waterproof ang mga anak namin!” But what else is new. When it rains, SNAFU happens. For those who don’t know, SNAFU stands for Systems Normal All Fucked Up. Pretty much what happens when our mayors sleep too much.

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