A Swimsuit Body for Fall

May 25th, 2012

Yup, this is another one of those “I should’ve” posts. Yes, I tried..and I failed. The swimsuit body that I had planned on having for the summer just didn’t make an appearance. Good thing we didn’t plan on going to the beach. However, I fully intend to whip this body into shape so that elusive swimsuit body will make an appearance in the fall. Nevermind that the Philippines does not have that season…but fashion wise..yes it does.

So to start, I’ve made several swimsuit selections to give my morale a little boost. This is my “picture on the fridge door” method. Good thing a trip to the swimwearplace is so convenient. All I have to do is go online and pick (go to SwimwearPlace.com ).

I already have that gym package to revive those sagging muscles. I’ve had it since last year..booo!!! I promise to use it this year. I also plan to try running. Or even just walking just like I used to do. Then if the pocket is willing, I wanna go back to yoga.

Then there’s my diet. I managed to lose a few pound early this year by taking green salads for lunch. Add to this a lot of fresh fruit juice.

This time around, I’ll make it easier by taking my salad and juice in one gulp. Hello green juice. Surprisingly, I can stomach this. It’s actually pretty good. So far I’ve made a concoction with romaine/mango/apple and romaine/guyabano/orange juice. Even my kids like it.

Lastly, I still have several inch-busting treatments in my arsenal. I must say, those treatments really work. Plus, they are so relaxing. I always fall asleep while my fat is being blasted.

So watch out. This swimsuit body is coming in the fall. I better check out the Swimwear Place at http://www.swimwearplace.com/ for deals. I want bikinis in my closet!!!

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