Little Ms. 4-Eyes

May 3rd, 2012

Around 2 weeks ago, Adi complained that her vision was a bit blurred. Honestly, I didn’t give it much thought. I thought it was just another of Adi’s spur of the moment complaints. She’s like our very own “the boy who cried wolf” because she complains a lot. She complains about the tinik on a boneless piece of fish. She complains that her fingernails are ouchy. And she complains that everything is spicy…including ice cream. So you can’t really blame me when I shrugged off her blurry eyes complaint.

However, she repeated her complaint last week and added that sometimes she saw things in double. I stood up and took notice. And I did what any mother would do, I had her checked.

Guess what, she’s far-sighted with a bit of near-sighted thrown in. Upon checking, she should be wearing 175-200 grade glasses. But the doctor told us that her condition can be corrected. She just needs to learn to focus her eyes properly and glasses, with a much lower grade, would assist her in doing this.

You’d think she’d feel bad that she needs to wear glasses….nnnnnoooooooo!!! When told that she needed them, she immediately looked for a frame and promptly pointed out a pair that cost a whooping 10,000 pesosesoses!!!! Of course, I said no..and added that those frames were for me..HAHAHAHA!! I got her a kid-specific pair that were kinda pricey but way lower than her original choice.

Now my next problem is Gaby who thinks its not fair that she doesn’t get to wear glasses..she thinks they’re cool.

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