Why I Don’t Plan Parties Anymore

February 8th, 2012

Next week, my Adi will be turning 7. This goes without saying that we will be celebrating. But unlike when both my kids celebrated their 1st birthdays, I won’t do any party planning anymore. I won’t stress over a venue, a caterer, and a party host. I won’t hire a balloon decorator or a magician. And I won’t be making the arduous trip to Divisoria to buy toys and giveaways for the loot bag…not to mention the prizes for the games. So why don’t I plan parties anymore?

Well, when Gaby turned 7 she decided that she wanted to have her party at this newly opened branch of Shakey’s. I had my reservations, to be completely honest. I used to love planning parties. And I enjoyed all the stress that went with it.

When Gaby turned 1, we had a huge party. Wasn’t really surprising since she’s the first born. We rented a wonderful venue, got a host, an uber expensive magician, got food booths, and had a balloon decorator pretty up the place.

When Adi turned 1 it was pretty much the same with one major difference…I decided to do the balloon decorations myself. It was a fiesta themed party so aside from the balloons, I made “banderitas” to hang all over the place.

But 5 years later, when it was Gaby’s 7th, the move to have it at Shakey’s was an eye-opener. To be honest, I’ve always had my reservations about having parties in a fastfood joint. I thought it was very impersonal. However, after we had Gaby’s party at Shakey’s, I was proven so wrong.

Other than removing all the stress from the parent slash party planner, it is definitely less costly to have a party at a fastfood joint. And you really don’t have to worry about anything. Even the games and giveaways are part of their packages. If you’ve got the budget, you can add-on other stuff like face-painting, clowns..probably even party cd duplication.

I know I may sound stupid, but I always believed that parties aren’t parties unless you plan it all out yourself.

Not anymore. I’m all for having parties at a fastfood resto. Without the worries. Even I can enjoy. Which, to be honest, I never got to do when I had to plan out everything.

Note : This is not a Shakey’s paid post. We just have our parties there.

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