And the Honor goes to…Adi!

January 28th, 2012

Tiger Mommy-ing isn’t new to me. I even remember one occasion when I was tutoring one of my kids while my niece, Vicky, was watching and when I went into full tiger mode, I scared the crap out of my niece. When my sister suggested that I be my niece’s tutor, she almost cried.

But my kids are so used to it. Fact of the matter is, my kids are little tigers as well which is why we get along just fine. And they know that I expect nothing less than the best from them. Sure they sometimes fall of the wagon but I don’t punish them for it. I used to be that way too…still am, actually. Still, I want my kids to do their best. And if it means switching to tiger mode just to get them be it.

So, last Friday I was completely unaware that it was report card day for the kids. The hubby took the day off to go shopping for home accessories with me. And in the afternoon, we both went to school to pick up our two cubs.

As we parked the car right in front of our usual pick-up point inside the school grounds, both girls were jumping for joy and asked us to go down and check out Adi’s classroom. So both hubby and I got down and walked with the girls to Adi’s classroom..and we saw this…


After years of “almost” making it to the honor roll…we made it!! Never mind that my elder cub “almost” made it again. We will have better luck next semester. Still, we were all so proud of Adi. I will be the first to admit that their school is tough. Even with all my Tiger Mommy power, I have a hard time studying with them. Some of the stuff they study is way too ahead of their grade level. I don’t know if that’s the norm nowadays for all schools but if I remember right, we studied what their studying now about 2 or 3 years down the road back in our time. But who cares, we made it anyway. And I will Tiger Mommy our way to even more years of this…ROAR!!

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