Her Temper is From Me

December 7th, 2011

In the midst of reviewing for the final exams, I realized one thing….my temper was totally out of whack.

I don’t know if its my hormones or if what my family has been saying is true. I’m temperamental. So much so that sometimes I feel like slamming my foot on some door kick plates…if only we had them.

It’s really no surprise since many people in my family has this temper as well. My Mom likes to call it the famous “de Guzman temper.” My grandpa had it…and he had a shotgun too. So go figure. My Dad had it…and he used to drive around with a metal bar right beside him..just in case. My uncle had it…no weapons but his foot would inadvertently press down on the gas pedal of his car whenever he got mad. My sister has it…she who famously kicked our Christmas tree down in a fit of anger. And now my little tiny Adi has it….she who famously ripped our curtains and a bedsheet for no apparent reason.

Oh well….history continues, I guess. So watch out.

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