Halloween Madness

November 13th, 2011

Its been 2 weeks since Halloween but the house is still feeling the buzz of the holiday. Blame it on the props that are still visible. Nope, not outside. Part of the kids’ costumes now adorn some of our home decor. Our stone Buddha is now in a wig and our Buddha head is wearing a ninja mask. I can’t take them off until our Christmas decor goes up so..oh well.

Anyway, as usual, Halloween was fun. It was a photofinish actually. We didn’t get the kids’ costumes until 2 days before the party. I was hoping to find them something during our last trip to Japan just like the last time we were there. Unlike the last trip, where I got them matching pink kimonos, I didn’t find anything suitable. I was eyeing some schoolgirl outfits that reminded me of the dresses of the Sucker Punch girls but the hubby said they would make the kids look like sluts. So, obviously, I dropped the idea.

A few days after we flew back home we made a mad dash for costumes. Gaby got herself a girl skeleton outfit and a wig. Adi got herself a girl Ninja outfit plus a sword and shield for weapons. All that was left was make-up which was my job.

But the madness didn’t end there. The day before the party, Adi complained that her left eye was growing a sty and was worried that she couldn’t wear make-up to complete her outfit. The eye was so swollen that even the best eyelash growth product could not provide coverage. Hot compress to the rescue. We slapped on heated pads the entire evening and prayed that the swelling would go down. And it did!! So my Ninja was going in her full element on Halloween.

Obviously, all went well.  The kids, their cousins, and their friends were so high on getting their treats that we had to pull away their bags before dinner was served.  In the end, the treats served their purpose well.  Even we got to enjoy them.

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