Pamper Me

May 19th, 2011

Thanks to those groupon sites, I have amassed a good number of pampering coupons. Those sites are a godsend for Moms like me who need to have “pamper me” sessions every so often to get those frazzled nerves a little straightened out.

Other than massages, footspas, and pedicures I also got myself several “beauty” treatments. In fact, I’m due for some zapping-away-those-warts treatments which I got for almost 70% off the original price. For someone like me who comes from a “warty” family, this is one of the best deals yet.

I also have several facial treatments in the bag. Good especially now that I’ve been having some hormonal imbalances that have somehow translated to hormonal acne and really dry skin. Darn.

Lets face it, age isn’t just a number. It’s a reality that this ____ty something Mom has to wake up to everyday. I’m not liking it on most days but these pamper me treats really do hit the spot on those days.

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