Early Summer Gardening

March 17th, 2011

With so much time on my hands, my miniscule herb garden has been getting a lot of love lately. Too much sometimes.

In fact, other than taking care of my plants, I’ve even gone as far as taking care of my pots!! The other day I found myself donning my garden gloves and brushing my pots clean. But I took care not to remove the beautiful mossy patina that my garden planters have acquired. So very Martha don’t you think.

Other than gardening, my lappie has been getting a lot of love too.  Now I can start updating my blogs…reading up on stuff I’ve been meaning to read….and maybe getting that online marketing degree I’ve been deliberating over.  With any luck, I can start a gardening business with an online degree…hahaha.

Anyway, so far my herbs are doing well. Look…

From R to L : Purple and Sweet Basil, Rosemary, Italian Oregano, Chives, Mint

Thanks to my well-meaning hubby, who got sick and tired of my “chop-suey” style of gardening, I have an wonderful metal stand that can hold several pots. And I can move it in one swift move when the sun gets too hot.

For the time being, my plants are getting just enough sun right by the side of the garden. I leave the big Hibiscus plants out in full sun which they love so much.  I’ve actually given away some of my harvested herbs because I have so much. Now I’m even trying to grow “grape” tomatoes from seed. That plus my oregano and basil equals Marinara sauce. Throw in some angel hair pasta and we’ve got a feast right there. Molto bene!!

Am getting hungreeeeh!! I should really get back to researching on that online marketing degree or my waistline will be in more serious trouble.

2 thoughts on “Early Summer Gardening”

  1. Hi Cookie!

    I love herb gardening, too. but my garden is much, much smaller… hanggang mint, basil, oregano and arugula lang. would love to read about how your grape tomatoes turn out. keep us posted! 🙂

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