Study Lamp

February 7th, 2011

When Gaby entered Big School, one of our first projects was to create a study area. First in the agenda was to find a suitable study table for her. We were lucky to find one at a nearby garage sale….an antique “narrra” table that we got for a song. Then there was the chair that had to be both comfy and sturdy. We found that at the mall. Then we needed to find good lighting. We had considered pendant lighting but opted for a study lamp. The pendant light ended up as the main lighting for the room.

The study lamp was found at the Ikea outlet in Singapore. We decided to get 2 of them in preparation for Adi’s move to big school.

Now, both of them have their own study nooks. Different tables…different chairs….same study lamp.

6 thoughts on “Study Lamp”

  1. We don’t have an Ikea on the Island however sometime soon I hope.

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