Nurse + Yaya

December 14th, 2011

Like many Pinoy urban moms, I have my yaya’s wear a uniform. It was a policy that I’ve grown up with from the time I was born. My mom also had our househelp wear uniforms for the simple reason that it looked neat and it saved them from wearing out their own clothes. This translated to greater savings for them and bigger expenses for us..but that’s not the point.

A uniform, whether it be a school uniform or a work uniform, gives a sense of order…in my book. For me, yaya’s and househelpers who wear uniform are very neat and organized to a certain degree. Not that I abhor those who prefer not to wear uniforms. I just like the way they look more when they are in uniform than  […]  Continue Reading

Adi Loves Yaya

June 22nd, 2011

I’ve always had a strong opinion about a child’s attachment to their yayas. It goes without saying that I made sure that my kids develop a certain closeness to their caregivers but still go to us as their main source of care. It really wasn’t that hard. The hubby and I are really hands-on parents who look to our yayas as support players in taking care of the kids.

So in the years that we have had our yayas, the relationship between them and the kids have developed from mere ward-guardian to family. Our yayas are members of the family…that’s that. We don’t see them as outsiders. To us they are more than employees who work for pay and social security benefits […]  Continue Reading