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This last month was truly fruitful for me. True, the schedule was more than hectic. With final exams and rehearsals to worry about, I managed to pull it off with nary a wrinkle added to my face. And in the end, my kids did me proud. Adi snagged a place in the school’s Outstanding Students […]

Tiger Mommy-ing isn’t new to me. I even remember one occasion when I was tutoring one of my kids while my niece, Vicky, was watching and when I went into full tiger mode, I scared the crap out of my niece. When my sister suggested that I be my niece’s tutor, she almost cried. But […]

The 2nd trimester is officially over. I’m now sitting in a coffee shop, savoring a hot cup of coffee and relishing every bite of my Italian cheesecake (as well as the slice of Japanese cheesecake my daughter ordered). My shoulders are now softening up a bit. It was a hectice 2 week review. Last week […]

Last Monday, my youngest daughter proudly announced that she was one of the nominees for class officer. This means that she stands the chance to be elected Class President!! Woot!! And this comes on the heels of her being assigned as Class Marshall at the beginning of the school year. The Class Marshall is the […]

In 2 weeks, it’s back to school. Time to say hello to waking up at dawn to prepare lunch boxes and driving to school on nothing but coffee. How time flies. I barely felt the summer vacation go by and its back to school. Surprisingly, my kids are happy. They can’t wait to see their […]

Yessiree!! 3 more weeks of waking up early left before we officially declare it Summer extravaganza here in our parts. But all this doesn’t come without a price. Before we can even think about slathering on our sunblock and catching some sun…we have to study…hard. Exams, of course. I’m currently making the reviewers for both […]

I’ve always believed in the reward system. Call it the capitalist in me but why would you want to do anything without getting some form of remuneration at the end of a successful job. Right? Even kids are prey to this system. Although in their case, not all jobs are rewarded. Say for instance cleaning […]

When Gaby entered Big School, one of our first projects was to create a study area. First in the agenda was to find a suitable study table for her. We were lucky to find one at a nearby garage sale….an antique “narrra” table that we got for a song. Then there was the chair that […]

Around the same time last year we were all so deeply immersed in preparing my eldest daughter for her entrance exams to the Big School. Being a first time future Big School parent, I was almost always in a panic during those times that I would help my daughter review her reading, spelling, and math […]

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