Am A Proud Mommah!

April 19th, 2012

This last month was truly fruitful for me. True, the schedule was more than hectic. With final exams and rehearsals to worry about, I managed to pull it off with nary a wrinkle added to my face.

And in the end, my kids did me proud.

Adi snagged a place in the school’s Outstanding Students list and walked the stage on Recognition Day.  A tremendous achievement since the school they go to is known to be quite tough…even by my standards.  Believe me, I got stress lines during exam review.

And Gaby, despite an amoebiasis attack, took to the stage to sing her heart out at her recital.  She prayed fervently the night before for more strength so she could be on stage.  But she added that if […]  Continue Reading

And the Honor goes to…Adi!

January 28th, 2012

Tiger Mommy-ing isn’t new to me. I even remember one occasion when I was tutoring one of my kids while my niece, Vicky, was watching and when I went into full tiger mode, I scared the crap out of my niece. When my sister suggested that I be my niece’s tutor, she almost cried.

But my kids are so used to it. Fact of the matter is, my kids are little tigers as well which is why we get along just fine. And they know that I expect nothing less than the best from them. Sure they sometimes fall of the wagon but I don’t punish them for it. I used to be that way too…still am, actually. Still, I want my kids to do their best. And if it means switching to tiger mode just to get them be it. […]  Continue Reading

2nd Trime Over!! Wahoo!!

December 7th, 2011

The 2nd trimester is officially over. I’m now sitting in a coffee shop, savoring a hot cup of coffee and relishing every bite of my Italian cheesecake (as well as the slice of Japanese cheesecake my daughter ordered). My shoulders are now softening up a bit.

It was a hectice 2 week review. Last week my eldest daughter took her exams earlier because they had to practice for their upcoming Holy Communion this week. My youngest daughter started her exams this week and she took her last test today.

Unlike the previous trimesters where both girls took their exams at the same time, this one was really nerve-wracking. One week of screaming and crying fits is enough to make one go crazy. What more […]  Continue Reading