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The recent spate of crimes in the metro has me, for lack of a better description, cowering in fear. Truly. And for someone like me who lives by the “bahala na si Batman” motto, that really means something. Plainly said, I’m shit scared of what’s happening. Just yesterday, I contacted a home-security specialist to ask […]

My husband isn’t the best driver in the world. And he is the last person in the world to admit that he can be the penultimate asshole on the road. Anyway, it started with a bumper sticker. My husband saw our neighbor’s bumper sticker saying “I’m not speeding…I’m qualifying.” He found it absolutely cute. I […]

After watching Percy Jackson, the girls were so smitten with the character that they both decided that he was one of the coolest kids around. When they told their Dad about their feelings, this is what happened. Gaby : “Papa, Percy Jackson is sooooooo cool!! And he is sooooo pogeh!” Papa : “More pogeh than […]

Everyone in the family knows that my husband and I have pretty weird conversations. It follows since each of us have an unconventional sense of humor that actually complement each other. So its no surprise to have us trading cuss words and colorfully worded insults which are not meant to hurt each other. We just […]

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