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I have a confession to make…of all the household chores, doing the laundry is my least favorite. Let me cook, clean the banyo, wash the car, fix the plumbing…heck, you can even ask me to tweak the idling of your car…just don’t let me make laba. I do not like making laba. And I believe, […]

And just when I thought we were on vacation…boy was I wrong. Officially, it’s summer vacation time. However, my kids decided on all these activities that it doesn’t seem like I’ll be getting a respite from my school bus driver duties. In fact, it seems more hectic now. What with 2 or 3 lessons in […]

Despite the current rainy weather, it is officially summer in our parts. And just like all the other summers past, I have a checklist for keeping cool when the weather gets scorching hot. True, we have our A/C on standby which means its on most of the day, we still have some other gewgaws on […]

It was around 2 years ago when I was formally introduced to vermicomposting. For those who don’t know what this is, it is the process of creating organic fertilizer using earthworms. As I was saying, I was formally introduced to vermicomposting while on a visit to a plant show at the Manila Seedling Bank. A […]

Like many Pinoy urban moms, I have my yaya’s wear a uniform. It was a policy that I’ve grown up with from the time I was born. My mom also had our househelp wear uniforms for the simple reason that it looked neat and it saved them from wearing out their own clothes. This translated […]

I’ve always had a strong opinion about a child’s attachment to their yayas. It goes without saying that I made sure that my kids develop a certain closeness to their caregivers but still go to us as their main source of care. It really wasn’t that hard. The hubby and I are really hands-on parents […]

The one thing about home-making that I learned from my father is basic home repairs. My dad had a tool box that would put any plumber to shame. Truth be told, he had enough tools to put an electrician and mechanic out of business. I remember he had this huge wooden barrel slash bar that […]

With so much time on my hands, my miniscule herb garden has been getting a lot of love lately. Too much sometimes. In fact, other than taking care of my plants, I’ve even gone as far as taking care of my pots!! The other day I found myself donning my garden gloves and brushing my […]

Had a little tiff with the hubs yesterday at the grocery. I was buying “snack” items for the kids’ baon when he snapped at me and said that I should stop buying those things. What was I buying? The usual, cookies and crackers. I’m actually with my husband on this. Who doesn’t want healthy food […]

Woke up this morning early to prepare a special batch of chocolate pancakes for my kids….plain for me, of course. Little did I know that they had something up their sleeves for Valentine’s day. With the able help of Yaya Minda, they created lovely little bouquets using flowers from the garden. Gaby put her bouquet […]

The latest wave of carnapping is really a serious matter already. There isn’t a single day that you don’t hear of someone getting carnapped or at least was threatened. It has gotten to that level that you actually fear going out already. I sure am. One of the things that I’m sure everyone who owns […]

When Gaby entered Big School, one of our first projects was to create a study area. First in the agenda was to find a suitable study table for her. We were lucky to find one at a nearby garage sale….an antique “narrra” table that we got for a song. Then there was the chair that […]

Sometime last week I got a call from our credit card company saying that I was to receive a pre-approved “cash-back” credit due to my husband’s outstanding credit standing.  This time around, as a reward, I was to be made the principal cardholder by virtue of my being the wife. Seriously?!?! Yup.  This didn’t make […]

The recent spate of crimes in the metro has me, for lack of a better description, cowering in fear. Truly. And for someone like me who lives by the “bahala na si Batman” motto, that really means something. Plainly said, I’m shit scared of what’s happening. Just yesterday, I contacted a home-security specialist to ask […]

On a recent trip to S&R, I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the local poultry companies had once again come out with their jumbo chickens. These chickens are at least 3 kilos or roughly 7 pounds in weight. They’re huge….somewhat like little turkeys. So excited was I that I quickly picked up […]

As a Mom to 2 precocious and overly-active little girls, it can sometimes be a task to keep them occupied when there is not much to do. Others would so the usual route and probably just haul their asses to the nearest mall and park the kiddos in Timezone or one of those pay-and-play-rubberized-and-foamed-play-areas but […]

Leave it to my kids to find ways to amuse themselves on what would otherwise be a boring day. They found an empty can of Diet Coke on top of Manang’s “kalakal” heap and decided to play Tumbang Preso. Never mind that they didn’t understand the intricacies of the game. All they knew was that […]

Ever since summer started, our breakfast table has been HQ for the neighborhood kids. It isn’t anymore surprising to have one or two of our neighbors over for breakfast tagging with them special breakfast requests. There are days when I have to cook up another batch of pancakes, hash browns, grilled cheese sandwiches, eggs and […]

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