Labadabadoo Chronicles : Electrolux Time Manager Washing Machine and Giveaway Extravaganza

I have a confession to make…of all the household chores, doing the laundry is my least favorite. Let me cook, clean the banyo, wash the car, fix the plumbing…heck, you can even ask me to tweak the idling of your car…just don’t let me make laba. I do not like making laba. And I believe, the laundry doesn’t like me either. Truth be told, I have ruined clothes in my vain attempt at labada.

I remember one time when I volunteered to wash my daughters’ clothes (they were babies then). When I took the clothes out of the rinse, everything was purple!! Cause…I mixed a pair of denims and a pink blouse with all the whites of my kids. That day our sampayan looked like a Barney festival. Not good. After that, I left it to our trusty Yaya Minda to do the laundry. Never mind that we were always arguing about her methods. But more on that later.

All this changed during our family vacation to Bangkok in 2011. We booked an extended-stay room which came with all the amenities of a condominium including a washing machine.  Not just any washing was a high tech front load beauty.  And since we were staying for a week, I decided that I was going to do the laundry.  This didn’t go without a fight.  My hubby tried to convince me otherwise…and for good reason, I must admit.  But I was not to be swayed.  I got it into my head that we would go home to the Philippines with suitcases full of clean clothes so Yaya Minda would not have to wash a week’s worth of dirty clothes. Continue reading “Labadabadoo Chronicles : Electrolux Time Manager Washing Machine and Giveaway Extravaganza”

A Busy Summer

And just when I thought we were on vacation…boy was I wrong. Officially, it’s summer vacation time. However, my kids decided on all these activities that it doesn’t seem like I’ll be getting a respite from my school bus driver duties.

In fact, it seems more hectic now. What with 2 or 3 lessons in one day in different location and in 1 hour increments. That doesn’t leave me too much time for myself. What it does leave me with is a very tired body. I haven’t even considered any exercise routine for this summer because this is exercise. Well, that’s just me making excuses..harhar.

But really, this is tiring. I sometimes think I need a testosterone booster (like to be able to make it through the day. And I’m not even talking about my other home activities.

Oh well, such is the life of a Super Mommy. It will be a busy summer indeed..wonder what next school year will be like.

Summer Checklist

Despite the current rainy weather, it is officially summer in our parts. And just like all the other summers past, I have a checklist for keeping cool when the weather gets scorching hot.

True, we have our A/C on standby which means its on most of the day, we still have some other gewgaws on hand for those days that we aren’t stuck in the cool confines of our airconditioned rooms.

Number one…paypay. Yes, the good ole’ abaniko is a life saver. I still prefer it over those fancy handpainted Spanish fans, honestly.

#2 Water…this is a no-brainer. When the weather gets hot, you sweat more. Therefore, you need rehydrating and nothing is better for rehydrating than H20. Although, a nice cool fruit smoothy wouldn’t hurt either.

#3 All-Cotton clothing. Because pure cotton clothing “breathes”, it is more suitable for warm weather like ours. You will find that sweat dries up faster when you are wearing a 100% cotton shirt compared to wearing a shirt made with fiber blends. Thin linen also works pretty much the same. And this is why it is common to see those Safari goers in cotton and linen while on desert duty.

#4 White…white clothing. Why? Because white does not absorb heat as much as dark colors. And it looks better too.

#5 Eat light….have you ever noticed that you tend to sweat when you eat a hearty and greasy meal? So instead, eat light..fruits and veggies FTW!

#6 Hats….yes, the bigger the better.  Straw hats, Stetson Hats, baseball caps…anything to shield your face from the sun is good.

#7 Sunblock…unlike in the past when the formulation of sunblock left you sticky and gooey…the sunblocks of today are lighter with higher SPF.

And last but not the least, take a bath more often…nuff said.

The Worm Bin Project – Part 1 (Building the bin)

It was around 2 years ago when I was formally introduced to vermicomposting. For those who don’t know what this is, it is the process of creating organic fertilizer using earthworms.

As I was saying, I was formally introduced to vermicomposting while on a visit to a plant show at the Manila Seedling Bank. A vermicomposter had a booth and I took a look. I’ve always been interested in vermicompost but I never had the desire to make it myself. Until I saw that booth. Upon seeing the wrigglers, I was hooked.

I bought myself a kilo of worms and attempted to create my own vermicompost bin using an old plastic trash can.

It was rather easy. My bin thrived for a good 4 months starting around February until around May. Without sounding too harsh, my worms died in the heat of summer. And I never attempted to do it again..until now.

To kick start my new project, I checked online on a better way to make a worm bin. Since I have limited space at home, I could not accomodate a farm-grade type of bin. Luckily, I was able to find a nifty way of creating a worm bin using either plastic buckets or plastic storage boxes that one can easily find at the nearest SM Home section..ahem. So anyway, I decided to start small. I got myself 4 9-liter plastic boxes. One worm bin would need 2 boxes. The first box for the worms and the 2nd box to catch all the worm tea…more on that later.

What you will need for making your own worm bin are the following :

2 plastic storage boxes (whatever size you like)
shredded newspaper

First you need a drill with a small bit.

Take the storage box and drill several holes on the top cover, top portion of each long side, and the bottom. The holes on the cover and the side of the box are for aeration because every worm bin needs sufficient air just like a compost bin. The bottom holes are to allow the worm tea to flow out.

Continue reading “The Worm Bin Project – Part 1 (Building the bin)”

Nurse + Yaya

Like many Pinoy urban moms, I have my yaya’s wear a uniform. It was a policy that I’ve grown up with from the time I was born. My mom also had our househelp wear uniforms for the simple reason that it looked neat and it saved them from wearing out their own clothes. This translated to greater savings for them and bigger expenses for us..but that’s not the point.

A uniform, whether it be a school uniform or a work uniform, gives a sense of order…in my book. For me, yaya’s and househelpers who wear uniform are very neat and organized to a certain degree. Not that I abhor those who prefer not to wear uniforms. I just like the way they look more when they are in uniform than when they’re not in uniforms.

Note : Ate Arlyn in blue scrubs…Yaya Minda M.I.A.

Luckily, my yaya’s like wearing uniforms. One thing though, our Manang prefers the old style cut of uniform while Ate Arlyn prefers nursing scrubs. I give in to both their preferences because comfort plays a big role in their choice. Manang Minda doesn’t like th V-cut neck of scrubs while Ate Arlyn likes its looser cut. Either way, I just try to buy uniforms in the same color scheme so they look terno.