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Despite the current rainy weather, it is officially summer in our parts. And just like all the other summers past, I have a checklist for keeping cool when the weather gets scorching hot. True, we have our A/C on standby which means its on most of the day, we still have some other gewgaws on […]

Being a mother to 2 kids means that I have to contend with “kalat” every now and then. Wait, let me rephrase that. I have to contend with “kalat” all the time. And since Christmas was a scant month ago, you can imagine how much “kalat” we have around here. These last few years, the […]

Since the kids are on vacation already, I have enrolled them in several activities to keep them busy. We, in accordance with the kids’ wishes, have signed them up in activities that will work their mind and their talents. Much as I would like to have them take more physical activities, they prefer otherwise. I’ll […]

Japanese cuisine, for me, is by far one of the best in the world. This is coming from someone who abhorred using chopsticks for the longest time due to an unfortunate incident involving a chopstick, a sliver of wood, and a bleeding lip. But that’s another story. Back to Japanese food. As I was saying, […]

As a Mom to 2 precocious and overly-active little girls, it can sometimes be a task to keep them occupied when there is not much to do. Others would so the usual route and probably just haul their asses to the nearest mall and park the kiddos in Timezone or one of those pay-and-play-rubberized-and-foamed-play-areas but […]

A week before Christmas, I decided to beat the holiday rush by bringing my kids for their requisite “Christmas pasyal” way before everyone else. They really wanted to go to an amusement park but I dreaded the weekend crowd….and the added threat of catching some sort of virus given that everyone seemed to be getting […]

Ever since summer started, our breakfast table has been HQ for the neighborhood kids. It isn’t anymore surprising to have one or two of our neighbors over for breakfast tagging with them special breakfast requests. There are days when I have to cook up another batch of pancakes, hash browns, grilled cheese sandwiches, eggs and […]

This is real….this is Me!! And I’m sitting in the future office of PGMA. I just happened to pay Congress a visit so I could watch the joint house canvassing of COC’s. But before moving to the session hall, I had lunch in this office.  Yes, in this very office!!!  I had half a club […]

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