Bring Your Own Mobile Phone

February 9th, 2012

My daughters’ school does not allow the students to bring their own mobile phones. Its the policy. However, they do make exceptions. Like when the kids are on a field trip or when there is a previous arrangement that the child will be picked up a little later than usual. In these cases, the phone has to be on silent and cannot be brought out until dismissal times.

We follow this rule. To the T. Despite the fact that I gave the girls their own simple mobile phones (free stuff from all these credit card and mobile network promos). They want to follow the rule. Even Adi, who has repeatedly declared that she WANTS her own Iphone (better check out those best buy coupons), is afraid to bring a phone to school.

But, I took exception to the rule. During the last rainy season when flash floods were an almost daily occurence, I insisted that they take their own phone to school. Hidden in the inner recesses of their bags, I instructed them that the phone was to be used ONLY in emergency cases. Those cases would be an automatic suspension of classes or when I couldn’t get to them as early as I usually do. Luckily, nothing came up to warrant the use of those phones.

A few days ago, a massive earthquake struck the Visayas region. The news was rife with predictions that the Big One that would hit Manila was long overdue. I really don’t want to imagine what that will be like. I’m just praying that it doesn’t happen.

And because of this, I have resurrected the phones. The girls still have to get the hang of having a phone. Gaby almost always forgets to turn it on. But it’s good that they have it tucked away in their bags just for emergency purposes.

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