Nurse + Yaya

Like many Pinoy urban moms, I have my yaya’s wear a uniform. It was a policy that I’ve grown up with from the time I was born. My mom also had our househelp wear uniforms for the simple reason that it looked neat and it saved them from wearing out their own clothes. This translated to greater savings for them and bigger expenses for us..but that’s not the point.

A uniform, whether it be a school uniform or a work uniform, gives a sense of order…in my book. For me, yaya’s and househelpers who wear uniform are very neat and organized to a certain degree. Not that I abhor those who prefer not to wear uniforms. I just like the way they look more when they are in uniform than when they’re not in uniforms.

Note : Ate Arlyn in blue scrubs…Yaya Minda M.I.A.

Luckily, my yaya’s like wearing uniforms. One thing though, our Manang prefers the old style cut of uniform while Ate Arlyn prefers nursing scrubs. I give in to both their preferences because comfort plays a big role in their choice. Manang Minda doesn’t like th V-cut neck of scrubs while Ate Arlyn likes its looser cut. Either way, I just try to buy uniforms in the same color scheme so they look terno.

Her Temper is From Me

In the midst of reviewing for the final exams, I realized one thing….my temper was totally out of whack.

I don’t know if its my hormones or if what my family has been saying is true. I’m temperamental. So much so that sometimes I feel like slamming my foot on some door kick plates…if only we had them.

It’s really no surprise since many people in my family has this temper as well. My Mom likes to call it the famous “de Guzman temper.” My grandpa had it…and he had a shotgun too. So go figure. My Dad had it…and he used to drive around with a metal bar right beside him..just in case. My uncle had it…no weapons but his foot would inadvertently press down on the gas pedal of his car whenever he got mad. My sister has it…she who famously kicked our Christmas tree down in a fit of anger. And now my little tiny Adi has it….she who famously ripped our curtains and a bedsheet for no apparent reason.

Oh well….history continues, I guess. So watch out.

2nd Trime Over!! Wahoo!!

The 2nd trimester is officially over. I’m now sitting in a coffee shop, savoring a hot cup of coffee and relishing every bite of my Italian cheesecake (as well as the slice of Japanese cheesecake my daughter ordered). My shoulders are now softening up a bit.

It was a hectice 2 week review. Last week my eldest daughter took her exams earlier because they had to practice for their upcoming Holy Communion this week. My youngest daughter started her exams this week and she took her last test today.

Unlike the previous trimesters where both girls took their exams at the same time, this one was really nerve-wracking. One week of screaming and crying fits is enough to make one go crazy. What more if you have 2 weeks of it in succession. But hey, who else will do this for our kids..right.

So tomorrow I’m on break…no more books for me. I’m on Christmas vacation way before everyone else…and no one can tell me otherwise.