Back To School

May 22nd, 2011

In 2 weeks, it’s back to school.

Time to say hello to waking up at dawn to prepare lunch boxes and driving to school on nothing but coffee.

How time flies. I barely felt the summer vacation go by and its back to school. Surprisingly, my kids are happy. They can’t wait to see their friends again. I don’t remember being that way when I was younger. Not that I didn’t like school. I loved school. I just love vacation time more.

But first things first. Need to gas up the checkbook for enrollment. That’s this week.

Good thing my kids’ school puts a premium on having sibling go to the same school. Other than a discount, we also get to enroll them together at the same time. Plus I don’t need to go all the way to the bookstore to buy their supplies. Its all there at their school. Saves a lot of time and energy on my part. If they could only install those nifty barcode scanners at the school supplies section of the school then that would even be better.

Now excuse me, I’ve gotta enjoy the rest of the summer.

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