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Since the kids are on vacation already, I have enrolled them in several activities to keep them busy. We, in accordance with the kids’ wishes, have signed them up in activities that will work their mind and their talents. Much as I would like to have them take more physical activities, they prefer otherwise. I’ll […]

Yesssireeee!! Summer is definitely here. The kids are home and the weather is getting on my nerves. In that order please. Sometimes I would really rather stay locked up in the bedroom with the airconditioning on full blast and with the television on even fuller blast…if that makes any sense. These are the days that […]

Japanese cuisine, for me, is by far one of the best in the world. This is coming from someone who abhorred using chopsticks for the longest time due to an unfortunate incident involving a chopstick, a sliver of wood, and a bleeding lip. But that’s another story. Back to Japanese food. As I was saying, […]

With so much time on my hands, my miniscule herb garden has been getting a lot of love lately. Too much sometimes. In fact, other than taking care of my plants, I’ve even gone as far as taking care of my pots!! The other day I found myself donning my garden gloves and brushing my […]

No more pencils…no more books….no more….Mama’s angry looks!! At least for the meantime, that is. School is officially out…and summer has most definitely started. To kick things off, Mama will book herself a nice day at the spa for a facial and diamond peel. Then there’s that haircut and hair treatment I desperately need to […]

Today was Adi’s last day of exams…thank God. After our harrowing reviews, this is really a relief. So, after lunch she was pretty much free to do anything…other than watch TV. Adi : “Mama, can I go upstairs? I promise I won’t watch TV.” Me : “Ok, just read your books or use that tattoo […]

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