So What Are You Doing For Summer?

Since the kids are on vacation already, I have enrolled them in several activities to keep them busy. We, in accordance with the kids’ wishes, have signed them up in activities that will work their mind and their talents. Much as I would like to have them take more physical activities, they prefer otherwise. I’ll leave those best fat burner classes for myself.

So this is what I overheard this morning..convo between the Hezzies and their playmates…with some epal from yours truly..

Bea : “KEWL!! You got a new guitar, Gaby!! Are you taking guitar lessons?”

Me : “No, she’s taking piano. Bea naman, why do you think we got her a guitar.”

Gaby : “I’m taking voice also. And Adi is taking hiphop.”

Yani : “We’re taking taekwondo next week..then we’re also taking soccer.” (in a very whiny voice!)

Adi : “We’re taking Kumon pa…o!”

This did it for me. I had to get some of my Bella Flores in somehow.

Me : “Me I’m taking a Thai cooking class….and I’m taking it in Thailand! O laban kayo!”




Summer is definitely here. The kids are home and the weather is getting on my nerves. In that order please. Sometimes I would really rather stay locked up in the bedroom with the airconditioning on full blast and with the television on even fuller blast…if that makes any sense. These are the days that I wish I had bought that 42″ Plasma t.v. and samsung home theatre system. Sigh…..

But then again, if I had, then I would most definitely never leave the room at all. Heck, I would even take my meals in here. Who wouldn’t?!?

So since my boob tube experience is severely lacking, I might as well start mapping out the rest of the season for my sake. Besides, I’ve got a vacation to plan…Yahoo!!

Yoshinoya’s Lenten Offerings and the Century Bangus Line

Japanese cuisine, for me, is by far one of the best in the world. This is coming from someone who abhorred using chopsticks for the longest time due to an unfortunate incident involving a chopstick, a sliver of wood, and a bleeding lip. But that’s another story. Back to Japanese food.

As I was saying, Japanese food ranks among my favorite types of cuisine. And of the numerous Japanese restaurants in the metro, Yoshinoya is one of those that I frequent. I’m a certified fan of their Beef Gyudon bowl especially especially when eaten with lots of their red ginger condiment. My tummy is growling just thinking about it.

This being the Lenten season, the folks over at Yoshinoya have concocted new dishes for their discerning clients. Along with their mother company, Century Pacific Group (of Century Tuna fame), Yoshinoya has incorporated 2 new seafood dishes for Lent.

First up….Century Bangus Kabayaki. Launched on Ash Wednesday, this dish uses only Premium Century Bangus belly. The fish is deep fried and smothered with their Yoshinoya’s special Kabayaki sauce which, to me, tastes like a wonderful combination of teriyaki and teppanyaki. Then it is placed over a bowl of steaming white rice and paired with some sauteed bean sprouts. Fortunately for us seafood lovers, this will be available for the entire Lenten season. And if our stars are in place, maybe even beyond that.

For fish lovers like myself, this is really a welcome treat.   Another plus point for me, it is made with bangus which is my favorite fish of all time.  And Century’s Bangus is something to reckon with, if I might add.  Very fresh tasting with none of that “lasang gilik” (muddy taste) of some bangus.  This can be attributed to Century’s excellent growing techniques which has been researched extensively by their experts.  Their bangus is not only tasty, they’re meaty as well.

They also brought back their Lenten offering last year, Shrimp Katsu. This is also served with rice and mixed veggies. Likewise, another variation is their Shrimp Katsu Jumbo Plate which is a combination of Shrimp Katsu and their famous Beef Gyudon. Continue reading “Yoshinoya’s Lenten Offerings and the Century Bangus Line”

Early Summer Gardening

With so much time on my hands, my miniscule herb garden has been getting a lot of love lately. Too much sometimes.

In fact, other than taking care of my plants, I’ve even gone as far as taking care of my pots!! The other day I found myself donning my garden gloves and brushing my pots clean. But I took care not to remove the beautiful mossy patina that my garden planters have acquired. So very Martha don’t you think.

Other than gardening, my lappie has been getting a lot of love too.  Now I can start updating my blogs…reading up on stuff I’ve been meaning to read….and maybe getting that online marketing degree I’ve been deliberating over.  With any luck, I can start a gardening business with an online degree…hahaha.

Anyway, so far my herbs are doing well. Look…

From R to L : Purple and Sweet Basil, Rosemary, Italian Oregano, Chives, Mint

Continue reading “Early Summer Gardening”

School’s Out!!

No more pencils…no more books….no more….Mama’s angry looks!!

At least for the meantime, that is.

School is officially out…and summer has most definitely started.

To kick things off, Mama will book herself a nice day at the spa for a facial and diamond peel. Then there’s that haircut and hair treatment I desperately need to get. Then I still need to get those body treatments going once and for all.

And did I mention exercise? Yeah, that too.

Not to forget…the kids. Gotta get them busy for the summer as well. Have to enroll them in their classes of choice.

And of course, we’re going on vacation!!! Woot!!!