Sometime last week I got a call from our credit card company saying that I was to receive a pre-approved “cash-back” credit due to my husband’s outstanding credit standing.  This time around, as a reward, I was to be made the principal cardholder by virtue of my being the wife.


Yup.  This didn’t make any sense to me but hey, who am I to complain, right?  I was getting a card…and the kicker…a new cellphone too.

Just to make it clear, I did not apply for this, it was given to me.  And I have my hubby to thank.

Not that we need another credit card.  We don’t.  We’re absoloutely fine with the ones we have.  Besides, if ever I need a  payday cash advanceI’ll just go ahead and ask the hubs for moolah…harharhar.

But still, I took the card.  Now my husband is asking if I can make him my supplementary.  Why not?  He pays the bills anyway.

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