Creative Horseplay

January 20th, 2011

As a Mom to 2 precocious and overly-active little girls, it can sometimes be a task to keep them occupied when there is not much to do. Others would so the usual route and probably just haul their asses to the nearest mall and park the kiddos in Timezone or one of those pay-and-play-rubberized-and-foamed-play-areas but not me. I try to be creative.

Whether it means engaging them in some activity that would require cheap nike indoor shoes to something creative and yummy that would require the use of a #32 plastic sausage stuffing tube , I try to find ways to keep my kids entertained… home as much as possible.

Sometimes my kids would rather do art stuff. For this I have filled up a box with all sorts of art materials like crayons, chalk, colored pencils, paints, scissors with different blades, colored paper, glue….etc…etc. Its enough to satisfy the needs of an entire nursery class, actually. And its enough to create such a mess in their room but hey, at least they’re enjoying. And it exercises their creativity. There are days when they simply draw and draw and draw. Then there are days when they decorate anything from empty milk cartons to 1 quart plastic pitchers. Problem is, they leave their creations all over the house and insist that it be made part of the decor. We usually allow it for a while and when they forget, we stash their masterpieces elsewhere.

Then there are days that they want to cook with me. I allow them the easy stuff like cracking eggs or helping me marinate meats. And on really special days, I allow them to lick the frosting from my spatulas and beaters. Its a treat any kid would savor.

But don’t get me wrong, we do take them out too. Not too often though. Given the country’s current state, I would rather that they stay home and find creative ways to amuse themselves. Besides, I enjoy it too.

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