Tumbang Preso

October 28th, 2010

Leave it to my kids to find ways to amuse themselves on what would otherwise be a boring day.

They found an empty can of Diet Coke on top of Manang’s “kalakal” heap and decided to play Tumbang Preso. Never mind that they didn’t understand the intricacies of the game. All they knew was that they needed to hit the can with their chinelas. This goes without saying that they refused to remove the slippers they had on and instead took out another pair of slippers for the task.

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October 21st, 2010

On a the ride to school this morning, as is the usual practice, I threw drill questions at my kids to practice them for the day ahead.

Today we were practicing homonyms or words that are pronounced the same but are spelled differently. For those of you who have forgotten what you studied in grammar class ages ago, an example of a homonym would be real-reel. Or flair-flare. You get the picture.

So anyway, I was spelling out homonyms and asking my kids to say the word for me to familiarize them with the concept.

Me : “What is E-I-G-H-T?”
Gaby : “Eight!!” (pronounced as eyt)
Me : “Ok, what is A-T-E?”
Adi : “A-TEH!!”
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Twisted Tongue

October 18th, 2010

On the way to school today, I was tuned in to one of the local news radio stations to hear updates on the coming super typhoon.

The Deped had just issued a directive cancelling classes for preschool due to Metro Manila being placed under Signal No. 1.

Reporter : “Kinansela na po ang klase sa lahat ng pre-iskul sa buong Metro Manila.”

Me : “Hahaha…pre ISKUL talaga ha. Ang tigas ng dila.”

Reporter : “Sa mga lalawigan na Signal 2,3,4 kinansela na ang elementary at high ISKUL.”

Gaby : “Hahahaha…..ISKUL!! He should practice his tongue more. Look at me (twists and contorts her tongue), my tongue is not matigas.” […]  Continue Reading