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I’ve been known to drive a mean bargain whenever faced with something I really really want to have. I learned from an expert. My Lola. Now there was a lady who could drive any tindera to tears with her bargaining skills. Truth be told, I have seen her earn the ire of her suki’s in […]

At the recently concluded book fair, I chanced upon one of my favorite children’s books stall and immediately started browsing through their racks. After getting about a dozen books, one of the sales staff informed me that they had a “Bag All You Can” promo wherein you pay about a thousand bucks and you get […]

I have recently rediscovered the joys of canned tuna. I swore off the stuff after tasting a batch that had an unmistakable metallic taste. Besides, fresh tuna is readily available in almost all supermarkets today. However, the cost of fresh tuna can be rather prohibitive. And I can’t imagine making tuna salad with it. So […]

In this day and age of everything being available at the push of a button, one of my biggest fears is that my kids will grow up not knowing the joys of getting dirty and sweaty by playing outdoors. I know its my job to teach them to go back to basics and I am […]

As adults, we are usually so busy with the day to day activities that we forget about the more important things in life. And sometimes, it takes a little kid to remind us of what we should value more. While saying their prayers this evening, Gaby gave Adi a little lesson in values. And without […]

Froyo is today’s hot pandesal of the moment.  If you’ve noticed, frozen yogurt stalls have been popping up almost everywhere.  Even some restaurants have included frozen yogurt in their desert menu. Personally, I think that this is a good thing.  Not that I’m against having an occasional ice cream cone….with 2 scoops of ice cream. […]

The much awaited fieldtrip finally pushed through. After getting the scare of her life and the possibility of being left behind, Adi finally got the go signal to join her fieldtrip. Just like Gaby’s Prep fieldtrip last year, this year’s trip included a visit to a donut shop, a zoo, and then finally a theatre […]

We spent a good 4 hours in the ER before finally getting a room. Actually, the hospital was popping at the seams with the number of patients being brought in for Dengue. I heard one of the residents say that they should open up a Dengue ward for all the patients. Yep, there were that […]

Instead of ice cream, I give my kids these. They are yogurt pops which I make myself. Recipe to follow.

Because my youngest is in the thick of her Phonics, Reading, Language, and Spelling lessons, she is very eager to learn learn and learn some more. Lately her lessons in phonics has been focusing on consonant blends. Specifically, H blends. CH, SH, and TH was done with ease. We ran into some trouble with PH […]

Cherry Garcia, Banana Split, Chunky Monkey, Pistachio Pistachio, and Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch. A pint of any of these flavors is enough to douse any amount of heat….for me, that is. Now I’m craving.

What a week! Actually, count in last week’s events makes for enough excitement and stress for a good 3 months. Last last week was hellish. It started 2 Saturday’s ago when my youngest daughter suddenly developed a fever late in the afternoon. It was a low grade fever so we weren’t all that worried but […]

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