My Future Shopping Partner!!!

I’ve been known to drive a mean bargain whenever faced with something I really really want to have. I learned from an expert. My Lola. Now there was a lady who could drive any tindera to tears with her bargaining skills. Truth be told, I have seen her earn the ire of her suki’s in her favorite palengke but still manage to convince them to sell her their wares….at less than half its price.

Today, I am considered the “shoppingera par excellance” in this family. I too can earn the ire of merchants both here and abroad yet manage to walk away with my shopping find….at a much lower price. In fact, whenever my husband wants something whose price can be haggled, he hollers for me to get it for him.

So, since it seems like “tawad” skills run in the family, it only is but natural that one or both of my kids will most likely inherit this useful family trait. Actually, I think Gaby already has.


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Bag All You Can

At the recently concluded book fair, I chanced upon one of my favorite children’s books stall and immediately started browsing through their racks. After getting about a dozen books, one of the sales staff informed me that they had a “Bag All You Can” promo wherein you pay about a thousand bucks and you get to stuff as many books as you can into a bag. This, of course, got me all excited. I scanned through the selections and decided that this was a good deal.

As soon as I got the bag, I started stuffing it like there was no tomorrow. I can’t exactly remember the exact number of books I bought but in the end my bill came up to around 6,000 bucks!!! And I paid only a thousand…not bad.

Tuna Melt On Rye

I have recently rediscovered the joys of canned tuna. I swore off the stuff after tasting a batch that had an unmistakable metallic taste. Besides, fresh tuna is readily available in almost all supermarkets today. However, the cost of fresh tuna can be rather prohibitive. And I can’t imagine making tuna salad with it.

So one day at the grocery my husband saw a new brand of canned tuna and decided to give it a try. Lo and behold, the stuff was delicious. The best we’ve had so far. The brand is Permex and we’ve been using it eversince.

And as for our fave, tuna salad… is how we like to have it….on rye bread with lots of cheese then broiled until the cheese melts. Voila, Tuna Melt.

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The Hezzies Love To Play Outdoors

In this day and age of everything being available at the push of a button, one of my biggest fears is that my kids will grow up not knowing the joys of getting dirty and sweaty by playing outdoors. I know its my job to teach them to go back to basics and I am seriously trying to instill in them the love of outdoors. But sometimes even I am guilty of not wanting to go out and would rather veg out in front of the boob tube with a bowl of chips and an ice cold soda. Continue reading “The Hezzies Love To Play Outdoors”

A Lesson on Values

As adults, we are usually so busy with the day to day activities that we forget about the more important things in life. And sometimes, it takes a little kid to remind us of what we should value more.

While saying their prayers this evening, Gaby gave Adi a little lesson in values. And without knowing it, she taught me a thing or two as well.

After reciting the “Angel of God” prayer…..

Adi : “Dear God, please help us save money so we can travel to wherever we want to go. And please help my Mama earn more dollars so that we will be rich. And my Papa also.”

Gaby : “Adi, why do you keep praying that?!? Money is not important! Better to be healthy than rich. Right Mama?”

Me : “Yes…..go to sleep na..” (wipes away tears)