Pa-Sosyal Si Barbie

July 29th, 2010

I’m sure many of you parents out there try to be very careful about what you say around the kids. When you are talking about some juicy piece of news about a relative, you rarely mention names and would prefer to use “Kwan” and “Si Ano” as aliases. Or some of you just spell out names, news, any chismis.

But spelling things out, literally, has a limit. Once the kids reach grade school, your spelling days are over.

So instead you try to use high fallutin’ terms which they will rarely, we hope, fathom.

However, things tend to backfire…sometimes…

Gaby : “Adi lets play with our Barbies. Bring them all out.”
Adi : “Lets make hati na lang, Ate. Some for you some for me and lets have a party!”
Gaby : “No, I want to have clubs na lang.”
Adi : “Ok, my club will be named Berries!!”
Gaby : “My club’s name is THE SOCIAL BUTTERFLIES!”

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