Mochi Ice Cream

When we went on vacation to Hongkong last summer, my eldest kid fell completely in love with Mochi ice cream. We found it at this one branch of 7-11 which was 2 blocks away from our hotel and it became a twice daily ritual for us. So in love was she that she demanded that I take home several packs…this, of course, was not feasible.

So as soon as we got home, I looked for the same treat only to be disappointed. I couldn’t find any store selling them. What was a Mom to do to fill this craving? What else..make them myself.

This is my version of Mochi Ice Cream…let’s call them PRESIDENTIAL MOCHI…

Ingredients :
1 cup of rice flour
3/4 cup water
1/3 cup sugar
a pinch of salt
cornstarch for dusting
2 tablespoons of hot water
10 mini-scoops of ice-cream

In a glass bowl combine the rice flour, 3/4 water, sugar, and salt. Stir to combine. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave on medium-high for 2 minutes. After microwaving, beat the mixture. If it is too hard, add some hot water until pliable. Cover again with plastic wrap and microwave on medium for 30 seconds. Cool.

Cover a chopping board with plastic wrap. Dust generously with cornstarch. Turn out the mochi dough and knead.

The dough will be sticky so you might need to add more cornstarch. Knead until it looks like this…

Divide the dough into 10 pieces. Roll into small balls then flatten. Fill with a scoop of ice cream and pinch to close. Freeze.


Pa-Sosyal Si Barbie

I’m sure many of you parents out there try to be very careful about what you say around the kids. When you are talking about some juicy piece of news about a relative, you rarely mention names and would prefer to use “Kwan” and “Si Ano” as aliases. Or some of you just spell out names, news, any chismis.

But spelling things out, literally, has a limit. Once the kids reach grade school, your spelling days are over.

So instead you try to use high fallutin’ terms which they will rarely, we hope, fathom.

However, things tend to backfire…sometimes…

Gaby : “Adi lets play with our Barbies. Bring them all out.”
Adi : “Lets make hati na lang, Ate. Some for you some for me and lets have a party!”
Gaby : “No, I want to have clubs na lang.”
Adi : “Ok, my club will be named Berries!!”
Gaby : “My club’s name is THE SOCIAL BUTTERFLIES!”

Heartfelt Prayer

Gaby’s prayer last night….

“Dear God, please cure the pepe (boil) on my gum already. And please take away my Mom’s allergy. And please wake me up early so I won’t be late for school. And please don’t let it be traffic tomorrow so I won’t be late. And please tell Mama to pick me up early. Thank you. Good night. Ay wait, I forgot. Please don’t put tartar on my teeth, OK. Goodnight.”

More Hair…More Pogeh

After watching Percy Jackson, the girls were so smitten with the character that they both decided that he was one of the coolest kids around. When they told their Dad about their feelings, this is what happened.

Gaby : “Papa, Percy Jackson is sooooooo cool!! And he is sooooo pogeh!”
Papa : “More pogeh than me?”
Gaby : “You’re pogeh too, Papa.”
Papa : “Yah, but who is more pogeh?”
Gaby : “Uhm….Percy! He has more hair kasi, so he is more pogeh.”