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When we went on vacation to Hongkong last summer, my eldest kid fell completely in love with Mochi ice cream. We found it at this one branch of 7-11 which was 2 blocks away from our hotel and it became a twice daily ritual for us. So in love was she that she demanded that […]

I’m sure many of you parents out there try to be very careful about what you say around the kids. When you are talking about some juicy piece of news about a relative, you rarely mention names and would prefer to use “Kwan” and “Si Ano” as aliases. Or some of you just spell out […]

Overheard while watching the Ateneo-DLSU game…Gaby invited a playmate over to play and watch the game. Ateneo was leading by 9 points.. Gaby : “YEY!! GO ATENEO!! Playmate : “YEY!!” Gaby : “I love Ateneo. Eh you, who are you for?” Playmate : “Noynoy!! Noynoy!! Noynoy!!”

Gaby’s prayer last night…. “Dear God, please cure the pepe (boil) on my gum already. And please take away my Mom’s allergy. And please wake me up early so I won’t be late for school. And please don’t let it be traffic tomorrow so I won’t be late. And please tell Mama to pick me […]

After watching Percy Jackson, the girls were so smitten with the character that they both decided that he was one of the coolest kids around. When they told their Dad about their feelings, this is what happened. Gaby : “Papa, Percy Jackson is sooooooo cool!! And he is sooooo pogeh!” Papa : “More pogeh than […]

With the current debate on whether sex education should be part of the curriculum as early as preschool, it came as a surprise that a few days ago my youngest kid blurted, “Mama, how are babies made?” It was so spontaneous and I didn’t know how to handle it. My first taste of sex ed […]

One month into the new school year and things are already looking up. Sure the schedule is a killer but I was totally expecting it. Never mind that I barely get any sleep. Sleeping at past midnight and getting up before 5a.m. is like taking a nap but I’m not complaining. Never mind that I’ve […]

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