Presidential Facts According To A 1st Grader

June 30th, 2010

I knew that something would go wrong. My 1st grade daughter came home yesterday and promptly showed me her Homework notebook. In it was written, “Watch the Presidential/Vice-Presidential Inauguration because it is a historic event.”

So this morning I announced that she wasn’t allowed to play in the neighbor’s house because she had to watch the inaugural coverage.

Immediately after breakfast I turned on the television. My husband, noticing that I was flitting back and forth from the room and the kitchen (I was preparing lunch early so I could watch too), volunteered to annotate the program for our kid.

After PNoy delivered his inaugural speech I decided to give the kid a spot quiz, just to see if she really understood what she just watched. Lets just say it was a lesson in understanding how a young mind works.

Question 1 : Who is the new President of the Philippines?
Answer : Noynoy Aquino

Question 2 : Who is the new Vice President of the Philippines?
Answer : JEJEmar Binay the leader of the Jejemons

Question 3 : Where does Noynoy live?
Answer : Near Lola’s house. (my Mom lives 3 minutes away)

Question 4 : Where was the Inauguration held?
Answer : Near STC (the convoy passed the same route we take to school)

Question 5 : Where will the President live now?
Answer : Malacanang Bahay

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