Party Pooper…Not!!

Ever since summer started, our breakfast table has been HQ for the neighborhood kids. It isn’t anymore surprising to have one or two of our neighbors over for breakfast tagging with them special breakfast requests. There are days when I have to cook up another batch of pancakes, hash browns, grilled cheese sandwiches, eggs and hotdogs. If I’m lucky, they ask for cereal. But I’m not complaining. The kids love that they have friends over and so do I.

However, this morning was a bit different. Blame my PMS and the fact that I barely got any sleep because I downed a mug of coffee after dinner because I was sleepy as early as 7pm. So anyway the kids had their BFF’s over for breakfast and they were talking about the birthday party they were attending this weekend. They were talking fashion. One kid was coming in an origami dress, the other was coming as Hannah Montana, Adi was going as a ballerina princess, and Gaby wanted to go as a female Adam Lambert (a girl version is what I mean…hehehe).

They were all trying to outdo each other and getting into a heated conversion and I was hearing ringing in my ears. I was, to say it nicely, getting damned irritated. Their screechy voices all together was beginning to sound like long nails on a blackboard. I had to put a stop to it so I asked if parents were allowed to the party. Affirmative.

So I said, “Hmmmmm…I wonder what I’ll wear? I know!! (with matching Eureka expression) I’m going to wear that green bikini that barely covers my boobs…the one I almost threw away. Finally I can wear it.”


In unison, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”

Then I said, “Ok, I’ll just wear my blue bikini then. The one with the hole in the middle.”

I finally ate in complete silence.

The President Goes To Congress

This is real….this is Me!! And I’m sitting in the future office of PGMA. I just happened to pay Congress a visit so I could watch the joint house canvassing of COC’s.

But before moving to the session hall, I had lunch in this office.  Yes, in this very office!!!  I had half a club sandwich and a can of soda ordered from the coffee shop downstairs.

Blowing Off Presidents To Be A Stagehand

Finally, I think I have fully recovered from the gruelling activities of these past few weeks. After coming from a relaxing albeit hectic vacation in Hongkong, I plunged head first into my kids’ summer recital.

Before the trip, my kids were already practicing for their numbers and being such performers they could afford to miss an entire week of practice and not feel lacking. Still, I downloaded some of my eldest daughter’s songs into her Ipod so she could still try singing during the trip. She didn’t.

So anyway, as soon as we arrived we were off to their pictorial for their souvenir programme. Shall I say, thank God for Photoshop. They were morphed into the group pics and they looked completely normal. The following day, mayhem was about to begin. Rehearsals were on 4th gear and so was I.

I had several work related meetings lined up for that week. Not just ordinary meetings, mind you. They involved no less than the president of the Canadian mining firm we are tied up with and the bureau chief of a local government agency. Without batting an eyelash, I blew them off and told them to reset the meeting. Without mincing words I told them that I would be completely busy playing Stagehand to my kids so they would have to wait until the following week. To say that they didn’t like it is an understatement. They thought I was crazy but there was no way I was having my kids take second place. No way.

You can be the President/CEO of any damned multinational company or even the country and you’d still come second to my kids.

They reset our meeting for 3 days after the recital.