Don’t They Know its Christmas?

December 15th, 2010

I never realized that my 7-year old was already this concerned about what is going on in the present. I always thought she was living her life quietly between school and the house. In my mind, 7-year olds don’t concern themselves with the news….except maybe if it involved some people from the Disney Channel.

Boy was I wrong.

After watching the news a couple of nights ago….

Gaby : “Mama, why is everyone being bad to each other?”
Me :
“Well, that’s the way it is talaga. Not everyone is good.”
Gaby :
“Are they forgetting that its a few days before Christmas? Isn’t everyone supposed to be good on Christmas?”
Me :
“Maybe […]  Continue Reading

President Tutor

December 9th, 2010

It is now safe to say that the torture is over. The second trimester exam period is FINITO!!

To say that it was a grueling week is way understated. It was tough both for me and my daughter, Gaby. I haven’t seen her cry this much during reviews. Sure she has had the occasional bouts of katamaran during study time and sure she has succumbed to my volcanic temper whenever those attacks happen. But this time it was just tears flowing while doing her addition and subtraction with regrouping. And talk about the gasps of disbelief when she saw the worksheets for verbs. Heartbreaking, I tell you.

But what choice does this Mom slash Tutor have? Nada. Even I am amazed at the pace of the grade school curriculum […]  Continue Reading

The Tsitsirya Debate

November 3rd, 2010

Everyone knows that eating junk food is bad. But everyone also knows that eating junk food is one of those pleasures in life that is so hard to give up despite it being really bad for us. And I will be the first to admit that I have not given up junk food. Not yet, at least.

But I’ve been trying…honest. My “every night” habit has now been trimmed to a “maswerte-kung-once-a-week” habit. Not bad for someone who would hide cans of cheese curls in her cabinet or under the bed.

Of course, I have been trying to instill the same kind of discipline on my kids. So definitely chips are a big no-no…most of the time. But I don’t get all Gestapo-ish and ban chips […]  Continue Reading