When They Say They Can, They Can

Around the same time last year we were all so deeply immersed in preparing my eldest daughter for her entrance exams to the Big School. Being a first time future Big School parent, I was almost always in a panic during those times that I would help my daughter review her reading, spelling, and math skills. Knowing that these were the skills needed to get her into our choice school, I tried to find ways improve my kid’s skills in time for her tests. Despite her reassurance (as well as her preschool’s directress’) that she could do it, I still wanted to make sure. As fate would have it, we passed the tests and my daughter is now a proud Preparatory school student who happens to be doing very well (not that I’m bragging or anything).

This year we are back in the same boat. Its my second daughter’s turn to do her tests for the big school. But unlike last year when I was all panicky and tense, I am more relaxed and more confident. I have no doubt that my daughter is capable enough, even more than I think. And as fate would have it, she has passed all her tests and will also be attending the same Big School as her older sister.

So next time, have a little more faith in the kids. I have to admit, I had my doubts and I still do every so often. But instead of panicking, I now take it a little easier and work with them instead. I still cross the line sometimes but at least my kids know that I trust them and believe them when they say they can.

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