Lets Go To Osaka – 1

If there is one place that my family will want to go to over and over again, that would be Japan.  Whats not to like?  The food, the people, the stunning scenery, the culture….everything!

But before even planning….lets start with your travel requirements.  Filipino passport holders need a visa.  It is relatively easy to get a visa for Japan. Applying for that visa must be done through an authorized travel agent.  You can visit here for info. We’ve never encountered any problem when applying.  The first 2 times we applied, we were given single entry visas.  On our 3rd time, we were given 3 year visas!  3rd times a charm!

So, the first 2 times the hubs and I went to Japan were for a business trip.  His. I was saling-pusa slash navigator.  While he was doing his job, I was out discovering Japan…hehehehehe.  Anyway, back in 2009 and 2011 were our first trips.  We landed in Osaka and headed to Hiroshima on both occasions.  It was then that we realized that visiting Japan was something that we wanted our kids to experience.  So in 2011, I said that we would be back after 2 years with the kids in tow.  Lucky for us, the Japanese government started loosening up on tourists so getting visas for everyone was easy!

Our first trip to Japan with the kids was in Osaka.  The kids are culture vultures like me so taking them around was not something I had to force them into.  But, it goes without saying, that “fun activities” were part of the itinerary.

The famous Glico sign

Upon arriving in Osaka, the first thing to decide on is how to get to the city.  We always stay in the Shinsaibashi area so taking the train from the airport is our usual go to method.  Travel via train to Shinsaibashi takes around 45 minutes. Continue reading “Lets Go To Osaka – 1”

Trip Planning Made Easy

Itchy feet. I have those…in a big way. My whole family shares the same affliction, actually. As early as last summer, I was already making plans (in my head) for this year’s summer getaway.

I plan our family trips way ahead of time.  Our destination is usually based on what kind of promo is out there.  Needless to say, its more like, “Kids, guess what….were going to this-and-that-place!”

Finding airline deals is really easy nowadays.  I have subscribed to numerous airline newsletters just to get their updates on promos.  And when I do get an update on a good deal, my husband and I decide on whether its something we should consider.


Credit card companies also come out with good deals every so often.  So good that we’ve gone on “instant” trips just because. Continue reading “Trip Planning Made Easy”

New Year..Back to Blogging

Firstly, Happy New Year!

2015 has come and gone….and now its time to dust off the blog and whip it back into shape.  Really….really really this time (*insert smiley face with a look of hesitation).

But anyway, I honestly am trying to crank my old writing cells back up.  Its been a while.  Despite my constant “I’m getting the blog mojo back”….well, nada!  This time, I think, I’m actually serious.  I was telling myself that since the last blog post way back in August. Haha!!

So…I am officially announcing that I’m back!!  I promise to write at least 1 post a week.  More if my brain can manage.  Why?  Well, I felt really smart back when I was spewing out those blog posts on a regular basis.  Does wonders for my ego.  Plus, my daughter’s recent foray into the world of published works has really challenged me. In a span of 2 works, she has amassed a following of 4000 readers!!!  Damn!!

Welcome me back, folks!

Dreamplay In Manila

I’m a kid at heart.  I always will be.  To this day I love watching animated films even when my kids don’t anymore (they’ve moved on to teen chick flicks and concert videos…hmp).  And all…without exception…our trips cannot be complete without visiting a theme park complete with me taking pics…selfies actually….with the theme park characters.

So, when I found out that Dreamplay by Dreamworks and Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd. was opening at the City of Dreams Manila….insert shrieking face.  Excited much…obviously.  I love love love Po…Shrek…Fiona….Alex the Lion…Gloria…the Penguins of Madagascar!!!  I love them!!  I forgot….King Julian!!!!

Continue reading “Dreamplay In Manila”

Qualimed..Affordable Healthcare For All

For most of us, good quality healthcare translates to a big dent on our wallets.  For some of us who are lucky, we have company provided HMO cards that can tide us over for some of our healthcare needs.  But not everyone…as I said…is lucky to have that peace of mind of having that HMO card stashed in our wallets.  Getting sick is definitely a big deal but cannot be prevented.

Because of the growing need for good and quality healthcare, The QualiMed Health Network have put together a team of specialists to bring affordable medical facilities within reach of everyone.  The QualiMed Health Network is a partnership between AlphaHealth Professionals, Inc., Asian Eye Institute, Metrodental, ImageDX Radiology Consultants, and The University Pathologists Specialists, Inc.  Their services include multi-specialty doctor consultations, lab procedures, diagnostic imaging, medical and wellness packages, dental procedures, eye care, and a host of other special procedures.

In a move to make healthcare more accessible, they have partnered with Ayala Land and have opened the 7th Qualimed facility at UP Town Center, Diliman.

Other mall based facilities are at the Trinoma Mall QC and Fairview Terraces QC.  The other Qualimed branches are at The Daniel O. Mercado Medical Center (Calabarzon), Qualimed Surgery Center (Manila), Qualimed Clinic (Mckinley Exchange Corporate Center, Makati), and Qualimed Hospital (Iloilo). Continue reading “Qualimed..Affordable Healthcare For All”